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Choose the music that you want to copyright. (this includes, songs, lyrics, verses and/or production work)

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Don't worry, no longer will you have to guess which application is right for you, we provide you with the correct one right from the start. Plus to make the whole process as simple as possible, we also provide you with a series of videos that you can watch online right from your computer and follow along as we show you step by step exactly how to complete the copyright application from start to finish. (If you prefer not to watch the videos, we also provide you with a text version that you can read online or print out and read)

Submit your application to the U.S. copyright office and wait to receive an official notice of copyright.

It's that easy! Enter your name and email address below to find out how you can get started with copyrighting your music today, plus learn ...

  • How to copyright more than one item at a time, you'll learn how to copyright from 1 to 100 items all at the same time in 1-2-3 easy steps.  
  • How to share and split copyright ownership between multiple parties such as songwriters, group members, publishers, your record label, manager, etc.
  • Learn how to avoid the dumb mistake of legally giving away ownership of your copyrights!
  • How to add to and/or update existing material that you may have had copy written in the past.
  • Find out why hundreds of thousands of copyright submissions are rejected and/or returned every year and how to keep yours from being one of them.
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